Ein Film von Ismail Sahin und Oona-Devi Liebich










Written & directed by Hjalmar Einarsson


Synopsis: Paul, part-time laborer and amateur artist, leads an unremarkable life like any other, until his world is disrupted by vivid revelations of the afterlife.
At first a welcome respite from reality, his waking visions soon reveal a demonic conspiracy at work within his own community. One by one, prominent members of high society fall victim to a series of mysterious assassination attempts. As the government scrambles to contain the rising panic of the ruling class, public disillusionment grows. Amidst the maelstrom, Paul becomes entangled in a web of powerful elite, evangelical cults, and a plot that could not only bring down the countrys economy, but also incite the total collapse of society.
Filmed before the 2008 Icelandic banking crash that shocked the world, "Bodberi" is a prediction of chaos turned prophetic. While many of its projections have already been fulfilled by recent events, one can only hope that the remainder will not...

Cast: Darri Ingolfsson, Isgerdur Elfa Gunnarsdottir, Damon Younger, u.a.
Genre: Thriller

Production: Hersing / Kukl
Format: Mini DV
Length: 90 Minutes
Island 2010

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Ein Film von Gabriel Barylli nach seinem Theaterstück "Ohio,wieso?"


Synopsis: Nie wieder eine Beziehung!
Kaum gedacht, steckt man schon wieder mitten drin. Die Geschichte beginnt eigentlich mit ihrem Ende. Martin und Maria stehen vor dem Scherbenhaufen ihrer Ehe und schießen sich im Zuge eines exzessiven Streits versehentlich über den Haufen. Dabei hat alles so gut angefangen und man hat wirklich daran geglaubt, diesmal alles richtig zu machen.

Cast: Gabriel Barylli, Michael Dangl, Isabel Scholz, Sylvia Leifheit
Genre: Komödie



Produktion: Novotny & Novotny Film
Format: Super35 _ Cooke S4
Länge: 93 Minuten
Austria 2011